Interactive Entertainment for Everyone

Custom Parties

Seasonal Events

New Years Eve Blowout, July 4 Picnic, Memorial Day, Easter Egg Hunts, St. Patrick’s Day… You get the picture…any holiday is much more fun with Xtreme Fun!

Theme Parties

You can add a theme to any party PLAY at no extra charge and we’ll be happy to play along. Think: Star Wars, Fortnite, Princess, Rock Star or ??? We can also help with props, characters, and themed goodie bags upon request (add’l charges apply).

Haunted Houses

Halloween will be a little scarier and a lot more fun with an Xtreme Fun Haunted House. We decorate your house with a variety of props and special effects then our live character actors make your Halloween party extraordinary. First we consult, then we build it out, and lastly we throw a haunted Halloween bash that will scare you silly. It is the ultimate Halloween experience. We can even make it a fun house for younger kids. Book early. Only a limited number of haunted houses per year.

Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt

How long will it take to photograph, video tape, buy, and do all the challenges we have for you? Can you do it? Can you do it first? You’ll need to work as a team to win but no matter what everyone is guaranteed amazing Xtreme Fun.