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Scott Feld is the founder of Xtreme Fun. If that, in itself doesn’t say enough, here is more…In being the creator and operator of this interactive experience company for the last 24 years, he has been in front of hundreds of thousands over the years leading programs, activities, and running events as a DJ, MC, Host, and even auctioneer. Here...I’ll let him tell you:

Hi...My name is Scott and man oh man have I had the opportunity to create a lot of fun for so many people over the years. Creating Xtreme Fun has had me develop many different activities (we call PLAYS) to all ages for all types of events. This experience has given me the skills and tools not found in many others. You see, I know it's not normal what I do and have done for a career. Not normal has given me this niche skill that I now bring to you and your company. My commitment is always to make, whatever you need me for, whatever the event is, I will make it more fun, more memorable, and better than it would've been without me.

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