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Xtreme Fun Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a party?

You can call, email, text, or use our online booking form. Whatever you choose, we’ll get back to you quick and and get you confirmed on our busy calendar.

When I book online, am I confirmed?

No, not quite yet. You’ll get an auto reply that lets you know we have a few things to check (the auto checker doesn’t check) then we’ll get back to you with a digital contract to confirm.

What is the best way to contact you with questions?

We are always on the move but Voice mail, text, email, online booking will all be responded to in a short amount of time.

I live in Orange or Los Angeles. Do you service those areas?

Yes. We have travel fees but they are well worth the fun. Contact us to talk specifically about your event.

How do I know which PLAY to book?

It’s best to talk with the guest of honor to see what he/she likes best. If the GOH is sport, athletic…lean towards Obstacle Course, Sport, B3…type parties. If he/she is more creative, dance, sing, dramatic then C2, Who Dunnit, Dance Craze, or Interactive DJ X-periences might be best and of course, NERF is always popular and our signature party is Things My Parent’s won’t let me do at home! PLUS there are many more…If you can’t decide…combine multiple PLAYS and if you need help deciding then contact us-we’re the PROS and we’ll make sure you get the perfect party PLAY!

When deciding on a location, how do I know space needed?

There are guidelines on each PLAY. Usually a somewhat flat grass area that gives participants enough room to move and play works great. If you are unsure, please feel free to text us a pic of the area and we will let you know if it will work for your party.

What permits do I need to have my party in a park or a beach?

Each city has it’s own rules on reserving areas for private events. It is best to check with your city (San Diego, Carlsbad, Chula Vista…) by either calling or going to their websites. In many cities we are already on their approved vendor list and it will be easy. We are always willing to help you the best we can with reservations and permits however, most do not allow us to make the actual reservation or get the permit for you.

What is the booking process?

Easy! Call, text, email, or use our online booking system right here on our website and, once we get your date/time and other info and have confirmed it is available, we will send you a digital contract to confirm by clicking either a Venmo (preferred) or credit card link. Clicking the link will act as your signature and take you to a secure place to deposit. You will then receive a receipt both from the payment company and from us and now you are confirmed. The receipt from us will give you add’l info on future correspondences and confirmations you can expect the week of your party.

What if I need to change the date or cancel my party?

After you have made your deposit there is a no cancellation policy. Your deposit holds the date and most likely others may get turned down for that day/time. However, we have a very flexible deposit policy. You can re-schedule (one time) for any date in the future for up to 1 year. This means you can have a party for a different occasion or for the next birthday. We will work with you to secure another date and get you the party you paid for (deposited on).

My location requires an add’l insured. How do I get that?

We have an insurance section here on our website with the most request add’l insured’s already there. You can simply send your location to our website or drag our policy into an email and send it to them. Your contract will have add’l info on obtaining add’l insured policies that are not on our website.

Get More Event Planning Questions Answered

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