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After their team exercises they ended up looking like this then won nationals the next weekend!

Office Team-Building

Does your team need to bond? Xtreme Fun is an experiences administrator of office team building experiences that will give your team-any team new views, ways to communicate, ways to see each other’s strengths, and ways to support each other. These might be views or actions that have been hidden or forgotten in the murk of day to day operations and experiences. We can come in, learn about the “whats so” and create a plan using exciting games and activities to get you the result you want…Team Work! BTW: If all you need is just some FUN well, of course, that’s us too!

Why Should Your Business Participate in Office Team Building?

Team-building exercises have a number of benefits for all types of teams: office, sports, community, organizations...

  • Improving communication skills
  • Facilitating new bonds and improving relationships between team mates (work mates)
  • Helping everyone discover new ways of being together
  • Learn to utilize each other’s strengths and support each other’s weaknesses..
  • Enhancing problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Developing team roles so everyone finds their niche
  • Helping everyone learn to be more flexible and better able to respond to change
  • Giving yourself and others a sense of accomplishment
  • Boosting morale and a feeling of belonging
  • Improving productivity and loyalty

These benefits give teams the ability to achieve their goals by focusing on the goal with new ways to succeed themselves and new ways to succeed inside the team. Without great office team building exercises people keep doing the same thing with the same results and the same upset…Let us be part of your success! And…we’ll make it FUN too. Of course!

Xtreme Fun Team-Building Programs:

The FUN package:

This option is for any group who wants to get out of the office or outside of the daily grind and just have FUN together. This may include: Family gatherings on the weekend or employee lunch games. We have ran NERF battles for small organizations during their lunch hour to full family tournaments on the beach for large groups and their families. Let the Fun begin…call/text/email us today to create your perfect FUN event!

The GOAL package:

Let’s get to work. Here, we set a goal with you and work backwards to see what’s missing (not necessarily what’s wrong) in achieving the your goal in the current state. We then create a plan using briefings, context settings, games and activities that fit your space and physical abilities. Following each activity, we de-brief, relate it back to the work issue and complete it with a new way of seeing what we do, how we operate (individually and as a team) and how we can now add new ways of operating (hidden from our view before the exercise) to fill in “what was missing” and achieve our goal. Let’s start today! Call/Text/Email to get started creating a better tomorrow now.

Competitive Soccer Team learning to work better together.

Xtreme Fun Team-Building prices vary by size, # and type of activities, and length of event. Please contact us to get a no obligation quote.