The Interactive Experience, is where we connect, inside of games, activities, and challenges to each other in individual and team/partner formats. When it is truly an interactive experience, there are ebbs and flows inside of the whole event which, much like a good story, gives the participant anxiousness, excitement, and wonder-for what’s next. I do this through a series of games I created for every PLAY we do...if its Sports, it builds, there are twists, context, and presentation with a “dangling carrot” that commands attention and participation throughout the party. This is the same process for a DJ event with dance, music games that have the same elements: excitement, “the what’s next ?” anticipation, and the ebbs and flows, using both the music and my voice in leading-which includes knowing when to be quiet too. If a client also gets light effects in their package, then the lights, also become part of the show. The lights go down to emphasize an end and new beginning and go up, in full force, to emphasize and bring about excitement on the dance floor. Being able to coordinate my MC skills, music selection, interactive games I’ve created, combined with presentation that are appropriate for different or broad age groups, and then having it exist in different formats like: DJ gigs, Mystery parties, Game Shows, or some custom event, is the real key to you having a successful party with us no matter what you choose. For more info, please call or text Scott @8587929111 or visit