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Ultimate Xperiences

What is the Ultimate:

The Ultimate is its own X-perience. You can use any PLAYS we offer, tell us your vision, allow us, from our experience, to create the a Custom package that will be unique just to you. You will get:

  • 100% Owner Attention: Scott Feld created and has run Xtreme Fun for 24 years. This program is his own, separate entity that gives certain clients an experience that goes Way above and Beyond our traditional (and super awesome party PLAYS).
  • Owner w/his staff runs your party. Scott is the entertainment as well as the producer. You will get the one, who created it all, at your important event.
  • A perfect party X-perience will be created, just for you, from our bank of ideas and your vision.
  • You will get immediate response by phone, text, and/or email to make sure you feel connected as soon as any questions, ideas, or changes come up.

Past Ultimate Parties:

  • Re-created Greek Mythology
  • Created a full scale Carnival with acts, music, and custom interactive games.
  • Re-created Walking Dead (for Halloween)
  • Other Live Haunted Houses
  • Scavenger Hunts with lots of twists

So...What can we do for you that you will never forget? Limited Spots (due to the time and energy we give to every client).

To talk about your party and get a custom quote, click here.