Bat Mitzvah DJ in Carlsbad

Xtreme Fun is the perfect addition to your upcoming Bat Mitzvah celebration. We are Carlsbad’s full-service interactive entertainment company. Offering customizable playlists, engaging activities, and state-of-the-art party equipment, we’re the only DJ that has all your party needs covered.

Make your Bat Mitzvah one to remember. Drop us a line at (858) 792-9111 for more information!


Full-Service Events DJ

Our DJs are more than just music managers—we’re party experts. We boast a broad array of party equipment to suit every style, theme, and type of event. We love to work with our clients before the big day to arrange every party planning detail to perfection. We can even schedule a venue consultation to make sure all the décor is to your liking ahead of time. Some of the amenities we can bring to your venue are:

  • Dance platforms
  • Black lights
  • Graffiti boards
  • Fog bubbles
  • Video screens
  • DVD players
  • Virtual reality technology
  • Photo booths
  • And more!

We’re here to make your Bat Mitzvah a smashing success. We’re here to make it a hit with the kids and with the parents.

Make it one for the history books. Make it one you’ll remember. Make it Xtreme Fun for everyone.

Kids DJ Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to create the ultimate party experience for our clients. To do this, we own and operate the very best in audio and visual technology. But more than that, our staff comes equipped with the very best attitude. Our unwavering passion is to spread joy and excitement through our DJ services. We stand out as an entertainment company because of our contagious enthusiasm and natural ability to create fun party atmospheres with our upbeat personalities.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. When you choose us to DJ your child’s Bat Mitzvah, we take that honor seriously. We do everything possible to ensure the party will be a blast, and that everyone can enjoy themselves. We do everything we can to make sure we leave you satisfied. It’s our promise to you.

Read through our satisfied customer testimonials for some first-hand accounts of what Xtreme Fun brings to the table. We’ve left countless partygoers with nothing but a stellar experience. We’re confident we can do the same for you.

Kids Party DJ with Flexible Music Options

Over the years, we’ve built up our music database with the ultimate party soundtracks that will get everyone on their feet and dancing to the beats. We’re bringing the bangers that you know, the hits that you love, and the tunes that you just can’t get out of your head. Casual listeners and music devotees are all sure to be pleased by our hard-hitting beats.

State-of-the-Art Kids Party DJ Equipment

Kids have a lot of energy. Xtreme Fun has the games and activities to wear them out with wholesome fun. We come prepared with state-of-the-art Bose sound systems, LED colored lighting, interactive games, and of course, back up equipment in the case of unforeseen technical issues. It’s a Bat Mitzvah for the ages when you choose us as your DJ. We’ll make sure the levels of fun are off the charts!

As a DJ and event’s organizer, Xtreme Fun is dedicated to providing fun interactive experiences. When you choose us, you’re getting more than music. You’re getting more than a DJ. You’re getting a one-of-a-kind event featuring games, dance battles, talent shows, and so much more. It’s your kid’s chance to shine and have a lifetime of memories before them.

We offer a range of interactive experiences, including:

  • Dance battles
  • Sports events
  • Create-and-perform
  • Name That Tune
  • Game show experiences
  • Video-interactive entertainment
  • …and more

Browse through our gallery page to see some examples of the types of parties we can create. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what we can do for your event.

Discover All Your Bat Mitzvah Party Options

We know that different people like different things. That's why we offer a whole slew of party package options for kids and adults. We have something for everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. Aspiring athletes, theatre-going thespians, dancehall heroes—whatever your niche, you can count on us to provide a party experience that fits the bill.

Check out all the different types of experiences we offer. Here are just a few of our most popular:

  • The Big Bad Bubble: The B3 (“Big Bad Bubble”) gives your group the chance to party like Bubble Boy. It includes 12 inflatable balls for kids and teenagers to get inside and have a blast. Choose from a variety of games, including bubble soccer, bubble bowling, and much more! Whatever your choice, you can be sure everyone will be having a blast!
  • The Ultimate Obstacle Course: Calling all ninjas and stunt artists! If you like to dodge, duck, and zip your way to glory, this is the party for you. The Ultimate Obstacle Course features many great challenges for you to leap and limber over, including slant steps, beam blasts, and—the biggest of the bunch—the Warped Wall.
  • Nerf Fun: You know Nerf guns. But you've never known them quite like this. Prepare for battle. Steel yourself in the face of the enemy. And get ready for a Nerf match of epic proportions. With blow-up bunkers, mobile music, protective eyewear, and referees standing at hand, this game promises to be a safe and thrilling way to enjoy an afternoon.
  • Cooperative Chaos: The C2 (“Cooperative Chaos”) experience is like no other. It will test your knowledge. It will test your creativity. It will test your musicality, your spontaneity, and your love of a good match against friends. The group is divided in two, with each half competing in different categories refereed by yours truly, the Game Master. Trivia, live mics, dance battles, and more await when you choose to cooperate in chaos.

Contact Carlsbad’s Premier Bat Mitzvah DJ

Xtreme Fun is an invaluable addition to any Bat Mitzvah party. We deliver VIP treatment to all our clients. From start to finish we’ll take care of your every party-planning need.

We are born entertainers with the training and experience to create the ideal backdrop for your upcoming event. We offer a spectacular selection of professional entertainment packages with exclusive features for partyers young and old. 

We’re not your average DJ for hire. We don’t create events for an evening—we create memories for a lifetime. Call us today for more information.