Kids Birthday Parties in Carlsbad

Xtreme Fun has been hosting kid's birthday parties in Carlsbad and the surrounding areas for years.

We have party games for kids of all ages and stages. When you get in touch with us, we will get an idea of what party packages would best suit your child and their party guests. 

To discover our fun and engaging party packages, call (858) 792-9111 today.


The Ultimate Birthday Party for Kids

If you are looking for unique birthday party ideas, look no further than Xtreme Fun.

Our party packages include a series of games that we refer to as “the play.” Our games are wacky and interactive. They focus on getting kids on their feet, running around and participating in challenges that build friendship and teamwork. Our activities are completely safe and kid-friendly while being extremely fun and entertaining.

To find out more about our children’s birthday parties, call us now.

Children’s Birthday Parties in Your Backyard or Public Park

No need to worry about car-pooling or loading a team of children into your minivan, because, at Xtreme Fun, we come to you.

Our mobile party services allow parents to host their kid's party in a convenient location. We can come to your home or help find a space in your local community to set up the party games. While some party packages require hose access or electricity, others require nothing more than an open field.

Do you have questions about your party location? Get in touch and discuss your options with a team member today.

Our Extreme Party Games for Kids

To get an idea of our party games, here are a few of our packages, or “plays.”

  • “Big Bad Bubble Games” (or B3 Games)
    • Kids play interactive games while in a giant inflatable bubble
  • Obstacle course challenges
  • Nerf battles
  • “Things my parents won’t let me do at home.”
    • Pillow fights, pie smashing, slime pit, and more!
  • “Wacky Water World”
    • Wet obstacle courses
  • Picnic games and relays
  • Pool parties
  • Dance parties
  • Wilderness laser tag
  • “Who Dunnit Mystery”
  • And more!

Does your birthday party need a soundtrack? We offer DJ services to accommodate your event and keep the tunes pumping all day long.

Unforgettable Birthday Parties for Kids

Give your kid a birthday party they’ll never forget. Our goal is to create fantastic experiences that kids of all ages can enjoy.

We believe giving kids the chance to play and be themselves is so important. Choose from our comprehensive party packages to find the experience that best suits your kid's interests and age group.

Our Staff

Our friendly staff members have extensive experience working with kids. We ensure that every child is included and having a great time.

Choose Xtreme Fun for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Our awesome team has been hosting kid's birthday parties for years. We take pride in creating exciting and interactive experiences that kids will love.

Unlike other kid’s party places, Xtreme Fun can host your event in almost any location.

To find out more about our events, get in touch with us today.